WiFi Controlled Robot Workshop

WiFi Controlled Robot Workshop
Academic Workshop Based Course
₹1699 – ₹4499 per student (includes 1 kit)

What is this course about?

Wi-Fi has become an intergral part of our lives today and there are number of devices which we control through Wi-Fi. As IOT (Internet of Things) becomes more and more established, electronic appliances and machines being controlled by Wi-Fi is going to play a very important role. This integration of the internet and embedded technology will play a vital role in our ever growing world of connected things.

In this course, you will build a Wi-Fi Controlled Robot that can be operated remotely via a computer/ website using Wi-Fi. The robot is connected to the internet with the help of ESP 8266 wi-fi module and can be controlled through commands on a web page that you will design. You will learn about Networking, Wireless Communication and Arduino Programming as part of this project.

Course Outcomes

  • Design and Build a WiFi Controlled Robot
  • Hands-on experience with Arduino and Arduino Programming
  • Concepts & application of Wireless Networking
  • Learn about ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • Get hands-on experience on Arduino, Wireless Technology, ESP8266 WiFi Module & Motor Drivers
  • Program and test Voice Controlled Robot

Kit Content

  • Arduino Uno
  • ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors
  • Motors
  • Breadboard & Wire
  • U Clamps
  • Wheels
  • Caster Wheel
  • Battery Connectors
  • Cable & Connectors
  • Screws & Nuts
  • Working tools *

All the above components would be provided during the program to participants in groups of 5 but would be taken back at the end.

Participants registering in groups of 5 will get take-home kit for free. Take-home kit consists of all the above items excluding the items marked with *.


  • All Xolcano Technologies certificates have a unique ID which can be verified online for authentication
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)

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